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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Duct systems can get tough to handle and maintain. There is a wide variety of infestations and health hazards that can occupy your ducts and eventually your whole house or workspace. That is why regular A/C maintenance is necessary at every level and one essential component of this maintenance is thorough clean-up of ducts with deep surveillance.

Why is it important?

We cannot see the microbes and dust particles that invade our surrounding air then ultimately get inhaled by us and cause multiple notorious effects. These particles can be simply dirt, dangerous mites and bugs, mold, bacteria, and all kinds of germs. But we have all these covered with our expertise.

Besides the health risks, a closed (narrowed) duct system can cause a lesser flow of air which will cause more hours of A/C and heating working, with more bills as well. Also, there can be unwanted odors circulating in your home if your ducts are moldy or dirty. Some fumes can be a major threat to your lungs directly like the smoke from outside that accumulates in the faulty duct systems.

Sealing Practices

Aero sealing is one way to solve all those duct problems that arise from invisible cracks and holes in the duct system. They reduce the effectiveness of your A/C and heating units and also drastically affect your comfort and costs. Leaking air ducts are known to waste so much energy that is equivalent to industrial level energy-burning per year. The air is no longer conditioned or pure, the systems of the A/C unit wear off before its estimated life expectancy, and excess humidity ruins your home and causes mold buildup.

But we have just the solution to these duct issues. We are well-equipped with the apparatus and training to find the impossible cracks in ducts and seal them off for good. You can enjoy cool rooms and preferred temperatures with our air-tight duct solutions.

Some perks of Duct Cleaning services by Florida Air and Heat:

You will sense your health improving and your mind clearing as you breathe sanitized air.

Dust allergies are gone for good.

Your A/C unit health is optimized and will last longer, efficiently.

Eliminates bacteria and mold.

Approved by doctors.

We have the ultimate solution!

Florida Air and Heat is here to take care of all your health and cleanliness concerns and put an end to them for good. Our A/C maintenance and repair teams are well-equipped with the tools that scoop out any debris and stubborn mold/dirt that has taken up residence in your A/C duct system. Fresh and cleansed air is our goal through or duct cleaning services, enhancing your air quality in every way possible.

We are genuinely attentive to yours and your family’s safety, trust us with this technical work; you would not be disappointed. We pride ourselves on the knowledge of the special code of ethics from the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) that certifies us to handle such responsibility. Our premium and latest products can tackle any hurdle a sanitization process can create.

Avail our duct cleaning opinions and services by simply contacting us and making and appointment. We are always happy to help.