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A/C & Heating Maintenance


The major reason homeowners refrain from doing a routine maintenance check is because of the high expense. Due to this uncertainty, various homeowners wait until the Air conditioner doesn’t cool before calling their HVAC service provider. At this stage, they end up paying more than they would anticipate for regular maintenance. But they also end up waiting for the service company to come on the hottest days. Placing your HVAC system on an annual schedule saves both time and expenses. The advantage of regular maintenance is that it will be cost-effective. It can be as costly as it is irritating when the Air conditioner breaks down. At Florida Air and Heat, our team takes the responsibility of easing out all your frustration when the A/C breaks down.

In essence,

Investing into your home or business’ AC system with a routine maintenance plan can prevent unexpected breakdowns, help regulate energy costs, and extend the overall lifespan of the unit.

Reasons Why Maintenance Is Important

It is important to get regular AC maintenance because it can help your unit last longer. Listed below are the reasons why AC maintenance is crucial.

• The heating and cooling system becomes less effective and durable as it collects dust and debris all year long. As a result, it increases your utility and maintenance bills. Half of the energy you use in your home goes to heating and cooling system. It goes without saying that making a wise choice regarding the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is important, as that will affect your energy bills significantly.

• Many AC system manufacturers require homeowners to perform routine maintenance on their units as a condition to honor their warranties.

• If the HVAC system does not function properly, it can cause uneven air temperature and reduce comfort.

• The annual inspection includes all moving parts to be lubricated. If parts lack lubrication, they can cause motor resistance and raise the amount of energy used.

• Another aspect of maintenance is examining the blower parts, cleaning, and re-configuring them. This serves to maintain proper ventilation for a larger degree of comfort. Issues in airflow can reduce the efficiency of your system.