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UV Ultravation

UV Ultravation

When it comes to tough germs, we have to acquire the necessary gadgets to deal with them accordingly. We can confidently say that Florida Air and Heat Mechanical Corporation is fully armed in this matter. UV radiations have made its place in the sanitation industry very quickly and with good reason as well. The most dangerous toxins are the most difficult to remove. But that problem is now dealt with our new and improved Ultravation techniques to clear every spec of germ and toxin in the system.

The significance of UV cleaning of an A/C and heating system is getting popular and the feedback from our clients has been encouraging. As UV Ultravation is being introduced in critical areas like hospital rooms and food industries, the same strategies are used by our Air Quality improvement team to make the air free of allergens, bacteria, and molds. This reduces customers’ exposure to these health hazards.

Besides this, UV filtered fresh air provides a soothing and relaxing environment within the comfort of your home. Here are some reasonable benefits to consider:

Diseases aggravated by spores, fungi, and allergens are reduced up to 50% with UV Ultravation of your A/C units.

The ducts, vents, and all internal system operations are purified to work at an optimum state.

Odor-free home.

UV Ultravation is eco-friendly and provides a stable utility bill. You can stop worrying about pollution and contributing to it.


UV Ultravation techniques work by neutralizing the pollutants that have made their way in the unit or duct system. The UV-equipped filters blow oxidizers every time air passes through them, automatically tackling germs, spores, viruses, and unpleasant odors. Guardian Air and REME by RGF are our favorite products to work with.