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A/C & Heating Replacements

Installation of an air conditioner is more than just an investment, it is a commitment. Although an air conditioner can operate with regular maintenance for a long time, it is essential to select the right unit to ensure you won’t need to or want to replace your AC. If you’re searching for a complete A/C installation from ductwork to a unit replacement, then you can trust the services of our specialists at Florida Air and Heat. Our HVAC professional teams are ready to assist you in A/C & Heating replacement.


For every home, a different air conditioning solution works. You can narrow down AC options after looking at the size of your house, your expenses, and what you need. When a staff member from our team appears at your house, they will recommend the correct units based on your requirements, expectations, and budget. With new upgrades, new air conditioners are more energy efficient than their older counterparts, so getting a new AC installed would be a good option to lower your energy bill. Our AC & Heating Installation and Replacement services include:

Installation of a central air conditioner.

Installation of a ductless split system.

Swamp coolers.

Installation of a window unit.

Installation of a wall unit.

Our Goal

Once you've chosen the ideal air conditioning unit for your home's cooling needs and budget, the rest is in our hands. At Florida Air and Heat, 100% customer satisfaction is our goal, performing every job with nothing but the best possible service. From replacement to a fresh installation, our trained HVAC technicians take care of it all, making it a stress-free experience for homeowners like you.