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Annual Maintenance Agreements

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Our annual maintenance agreement is $99 per year, per system.

We also offer a 2 Year maintenance agreement for $175, per system

Our team at Florida Air and Heat Mechanical Corporation brings you a convenient package of comfortable and lavish services. You will never come second for Florida Air and Heat; we are always present at your beck and call. With guaranteed quality maintenance, your conditioning and heating system will not falter or malfunction throughout the year. We make sure our clients are never at a loss.

Reasons to choose Florida Air and Heat as your maintenance company:

Immediate Availability:

You’d be provided with top-tier repair, sales, and maintenance services for your A/C and heating units whenever in need and at hand.

Assurance and Peace:

As a member of our company, you will be assured throughout the year about your conditioning and heating services operating securely and efficiently. No fear of malfunctions, water leaks, and naked or loose electrical wires.

Increased Equipment lifespan with quality working:

With a yearly maintenance program, your A/C and Heating equipment lifespan will be prolonged up to 30%. That accounts for a saving of at least $140 per annum.

Complete Service and Maintenance:

Our team will visit your home for a complete service and maintenance check of your air conditioning and heating systems once every season. Additionally, an annual tuning and maintenance inspection will be carried out by us.

Save yourselves breakdown of systems:

Routine maintenance checks make sure the safety and productivity of your systems. They won’t break down as long as they are being properly maintained. For this purpose, we are always at your services!

Convenience and support:

For us, our members matter the most. We will perform all the tasks feasible and that falls under our job description to make sure you are at convenience.

Maintenance Services Provided:

Check system operation

Check refrigerant charge

Inspect coils (indoor and condenser)

Evaporator blower motor

Vacuum drain pan

Flush drain line

Replace filter ( filter must be on site )

Check C/U

Check compressor amps

Check starting components

Check fan motor

Check thermostat

Portable services:

In case of moving houses to a certain vicinity that comes under our area coverage, you can transfer the services to your new home or even hand over the services to the new owners of your home.

Inflation hedge:

In case of an increase in our budgeting costs, your planned services costs will be fixed and updated as long as you maintain your Service Partner Plan agreement. It’s no hurdle, nothing to fuss over or worry about! We work for your comfort and affordability.

Indoor Air Quality maintenance:

When visiting your homes our team will change your filters if needed and will inspect your indoor air quality making sure it’s safe to breathe in.